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This is the home page on the Bradley's English School website. On this page, there are links to the main menu pages for our various free online interactive activities and downloadable worksheets. Simply select the game, puzzle or worksheet you wish to use today by clicking on the appropriate link. We hope that the various items available on this website will be useful for students studying English and their teachers.

Free Online Interactive English Activities

Below are links to the main menu pages of all our free online interactive English activities designed to help students with their vocabulary, spelling, reading and grammar.

Free English Worksheets

Below are links to the main menu pages of all our free English puzzles and worksheets designed to help students with their vocabulary, spelling and reading.

Bradley's English School Home Page

This is the Bradley's English School home page. This home page was opened in 2002 and over the years has developed into a source of free interactive English activities for use online, and free printable English worksheets for use offline. By moving your mouse over the pictures or links for the various activities, you will be able to see if that activity uses Flash, JavaScript or Java. As many of our activities were designed many years ago with desktop computers in mind, users visiting this site on mobile phones may find that they cannot run many of them without the required plug-ins. We are working on this and over time, we will be making all of our activities suitable for all devices. All of the worksheets are in Adobe pdf format. In addition to working on making the site user friendly for all devices, we are adding new activities and worksheets. We hope that English teachers and students who are studying English will find this site useful. We have tried to make materials that are enjoyable as well as educational.

Whilst the free online interactive activities and English worksheets are the main focus of this website, other areas are also available. The navigation menu at the bottom of every page should enable you to find all sections of this website easily and quickly. You can also use the site map or search facilities if you are looking for a particular item.

You are very welcome to link to any page(s) on this site. However, even though all of our interactive English activities and English worksheets are free, we do not allow them to be placed on any other websites. We are of course willing to provide reciprical links (on our links pages) to suitable websites.